• Nothing Can Go Wrng is a (wonderful) print + pattern design studio based in Stockholm and founded in 2014 by graphic & textile designers Paula Maso and Adriana Bellet. [see pretty picture below]

    The studio specialises in ready-made print collections for the apparel, home and stationary markets (and pretty much everything you can put a print on (which is pretty much everywhere). The studio also designs bespoke prints for a wide variety of clients.

  • What can we do? Surface print design, trend forecasting, colour palettes, engineered patterns, artwork recolouring, consultancy services, branding, graphic design, photography & illustration on demand.

    Expect to find in our Pattern Library an array of colourful photographic patterns and carefully illustrated repeats. If you don't believe it, see for yourself. And if you are not the client type, please serve yourself with any of our splendid freebies and get your inspiration fix for the day in our blog.

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    Do you want an illustrated repeat?

    Then Adriana will make it happen!

    With a background in illustration and surface design, Adriana specialises in detailed hand-drawn prints. She creates her designs in ink, acrylics and watercolors and then digitalises them for you to use them anywhere! Contact her directly through adriana@nothingcangowrng.com


    Do you need a photographic style print?

    Then Paula will do that for you!

    With extensive experience within the areas of textile design, Paula has a unique blend of graphic design and photography skills. She's sought after for her intricate floral prints and she loves doing engineered designs (a challenge!). Contact her directly through paula@nothingcangowrng.com

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  • print and pattern design studio


  • Adriana was born in sunny Barcelona some time during the mid eighties. Four years later and 7505km away Paula came to be. She would call Caracas her home for the next 22 years.

    And precisely at age 22, having finished her degree in Advertising, Adriana packed her bags and set off to wander the world, unfortunately never coming close to Venezuela. She then settled in London, where she busied herself working as a graphic designer.

    On the other side of the Atlantic, Paula had set about getting a degree in Graphic Design. Not satisfied with that, she then applied to a Master in Fashion Photography at the University of the Arts of London. She would land in London a rainy morning in 2010, just missing Adriana who had moved back to Spain only a few months earlier.

    Nonetheless their fates had already been set in motion. Adriana had discovered the magical world of repeating patterns the previous year while studying a PostGrad in Surface Design at the same university that Paula is now in. Back in Spain she has set up her own brand JeezVanilla, focusing on illustration and printed ceramics.

  • It won't take long for Paula to get sucked into the pattern maze too. After finishing her Masters, she co-founds Aether, a Sustainable Fashion label for which she develops all the prints.

    It's 2012 and Paula is now living in Barcelona and Adriana in Stockholm. This is when the cosmic-pattern forces finally decide to act. Paula wants to buy one of Adriana's ceramics and taking advantage of a homebound trip, Adriana delivers the package in person. It's July and they meet in a coffee shop in Barcelona. They talk for a long while and Paula mentions that, as serendipity would have it, she might also be moving to Stockholm in the near future. "See you there if it ends up happening".

    Almost a year goes by until they hear back from each other, but once Paula lands in Stockholm, on a sunny midsommar day, all the pieces fall into place. They become friends and soon discover a shared love for clean, thought out design and carefully crafted pattern. When in January 2014 Paula proposes Adriana to set up a print and pattern studio together, Adriana does't even think it twice. Because after all, now that they have finally met, nothing can go wrng.